Get the unbelievable speed and flexibility to play, transfer, and stream full HD video and large-scale data wirelessly

This little handy equipment doesn’t need paring process, wifi, flash memory, storage, wire.

Wherever you go, you can transfer large-scale data with just placing it closely. Quick and easy!~

Instant Wireless Sync.

P2P DATA Exchange

P2P Wireless Connection

Gigabit Big Data Wireless Sync

Connector-Free™ Mobile Devices
Healthcare and Connected Car
Wireless Storage

Extended Wireless Communications

Smart Factory/Office​

Home Infotainment​

Smart Safety System

Hyper Connectivity (IoT)

Image Streaming
Wireless video transmission, AR/VR gadgets
Wearable devices Communication

Wireless Display

Ultimate Wireless Solution


Close-proximity wireless communication technology that transmit gigabit data such as

high-resolution movie and video with the data rate up to 3.5 Gbps



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