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Connector-Free™ Technologies


GLS is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in the development of integrated circuits for the 60 GHz wireless marketplace. GLS’s goal is to provide best in class products for the consumer electronics market in general, and specifically to the mobile segment, including smartphones, tablets, and VR devices. To this end, GLS exert ourselves to incorporate features critical to the mobile market in our products, including minimal footprint, low power consumption and competitive price points.

GLS is a venture capital founded in 2017. However, R&D on 60 GHz-based wireless communication technology had started since 2006 and this technology has been invented as a result of more than 10 Years of research team’s effort.

GLS is committed to providing leadership for the wireless industry in worldwide markets.


GLS has assembled a remarkable mix of skills in terms of technical perspective. On the technical front, GLS has a variety of expert, including millimeter wave circuit design, antenna, advanced packaging, software engineering, high speed mixed signal and advanced MAC/PHY architectures. 60 GHz technology has the means to transform the way the wireless market works and GLS has the team to realize it.


The unlicensed 60 GHz band has been available for several years attracting attention’s. With the support of the FCC and other regulatory bodies, leading-edge IEEE 802.15.3e solutions are trying to enter CE marketplaces. The combination of low cost implementation and power efficiency versus other wireless standards, coupled with enormous spectrum makes GLS 60 GHz wireless ideal for next generation mobile applications.

60 GHz wireless technology provides an ideal alternative to wire. Connector-Free product, which connects nearby devices without wire and removes connectors of devices such as cell phone, laptop and TV, reduce failure and optimize the product design. License-free V-band spectrum allows users to freely transfer gigabit data to any portable devices or system without the help of network use and it would relieve burden of network traffic.

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