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For consumer electronics devices such as VR headsets, docks, smartphones and tablets, the 60 GHz band provides a wireless alternative to existing wired standards like USB3.0 or WiGig. GLS Dragonfly™ ‘A’ Series Products target this market with industry leading efficiency, outstanding performance and a compact footprint.

GC100C – Dragonfly™ BASEBAND + RF IC(One Chip Solution)

The GLS   Dragonfly™ Chipset

The GC100 series employees integrated circuits to implement a low cost, extremely low power, high performance Superspeed USB 3.0 to Zing device. With it, wireless displays, wireless data exchange and wireless streaming can now be much more convenient and efficient using Zing technology.


Short Range and Security

Ultrahigh Speed


Baseband ASIC Specifications

SerDes ASIC Specifications

RF-front end ASIC Specifications

Connector-Free™ Technologies

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